Our mission at Lagniappe Chiropractic is simply to serve you. Our team of doctors are here to guide your family from the toughest of cases all the way to well-baby checks and family wellness care!

Pediatric Chiropractic

Kids are designed to be happy, healthy, and resilient beings. Our unique knowledge and skillset allow us to provide a well-rounded approach to your child’s WHOLE health. When a baby or child goes under chiropractic care their progress is noticed almost instantly. Children typically do not possess the negative learned behaviors, postures, and movement patterns that adults can present with. This allows us to make a huge impact with their care faster and more absolutely.

Kids are the future of our society and starting them off on the right path is so rewarding to Dr. Lauren and Dr. Zack. They love to see the positive progression of kids as they continue through their care plans. To see a child’s life change for the better, their eyes lighting up for the first time, to visibly see them feeling better is remarkable! Parents getting to see their child become a different kid all because they feel better and have a better grasp of their own emotional and physical health is incredible! Changing families’ outcomes through gentle conservative care plans can change the trajectory of the entire family. Parents that are motivated to seek help for their kids allow us to strengthen the family unit with the knowledge necessary to continue a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Pre/Postnatal Chiropractic Bossier City, LA

Pre/Postnatal Chiropractic

Nothing is more crucial to the health of an entire family than the journey of pregnancy and beyond. The family unit starts with the birth of your children, and we aim to make that process as comfortable and enjoyable as it was meant to be.

There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a family, and boy is that true!

For expecting moms, Lagniappe Chiropractic is far more than a place to just “pop” in and get adjusted – it’s a place that helps you create your village. 

Using gentle approaches such as Webster Technique, we help balance the tone of the mother’s body to give baby optimal growing potential as well as allowing mom to be at ease throughout the pregnancy experience. Perinatal adjustments reduce tension and discomfort, ensure proper baby positioning, and help mom to have an incredible pregnancy experience. Our team is here to help you prepare for one of the most incredible experiences a women can have, childbirth.

At Lagniappe Chiropractic you will go into delivery feeling supported, empowered, confident and cared for! And finally, your care here certainly does not stop the day your bundle of joy arrives. We come right alongside you in that next critical period of your family’s life, providing incredible care and support for both mom and baby after delivery.

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Family Wellness

We understand that parenting today can be difficult with juggling a thousand tasks and activities at once. We get plunged into the “new normal” of parenting that can lead to poor sleeping habits and constant stress, placing undue tension on the body’s nervous system. Over time, this can stack up, and manifest itself as headaches, anxiety, and poor physical and emotional balance?

Our parents’ most common changes they experience during their care plans with us are better sleep, improved health habits, increased energy, less tension throughout the body, and improved ability to handle emotional and physical stressors. Just like our pregnant mammas we encourage our families to build their village. Kids do not form healthy habits based off what we TELL them to do, but instead by what they SEE us doing.

At Lagniappe Chiropractic we strive to make our mark on the community by creating wellness advocates that can lead their families down the path to true health and wellness for generations to come.

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